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Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
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Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal symptoms take years to develop. Alcoholism begins when the adverse effects of alcohol become apparent in the physical and mental health of the drinkers. Often he or she may not be aware of them. This is the time when the drinker crosses the invisible line (limit) and enters into alcoholism.

1st stage – The early years of addiction to alcohol:

This is called the adaptive stage of alcoholism, now the drinkers no more drink for the reason they started drinking like peer pressure, social events, curiosity or just to enjoy the taste of alcohol. They drink for no apparent reason but for some compulsions, just to have the kicks alcohol can offer. Now again they don’t realize it. In fact the effects they seek from alcohol may like mood elevation or change, stress relief that they have from their personal, social or working life. At this stage the drinker has not lost control of his or her physical or mental health, relatives and friends do not find anything unusual in it. However, neither the drinkers nor their relatives or friends know what awaits them in future, in case they turn to be alcoholics.

2nd Stage – More Alcohol, More DUIs

This is the stage when drinker drinks more often and for no reasons; in fact he creates the reasons to drink. Probably by now he drinks so much and crosses the socially acceptable limit, loses control of physical and mental capacity and sometime may become a nuisance. By now he might have been arrested number of times for driving under the influence of alcohol. But except him all are aware that he has a problem with alcohol and he still believes that he can quit alcohol at any time. No, not now of course, he prefers everyone to get off and leave him the way he is and he will be fine.

3rd Stage – May be it is Too Late

The final stage or the chronic stage of alcoholism is horrible for them who surround the drinker, if there is still any. They helplessly observe the physic and mind of the alcoholic deteriorates damaging his vital organs. Obviously these damages are irreversible; they can result in hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver, heart failure. Talking to him to bring him back to senses or taking him to alcohol detox centre may be too late. Mostly all of their talks offer the alcoholic the opportunities more to drink. However now if he makes up his mind to stop drinking, he only comes to know how difficult it is!

Addiction can be a major problem for people at any time of year. However, dealing with an addiction during the holidays can be extremely rough. You might feel as if you are all alone, depressed and even suicidal. Your family might be trying to help you, but you feel like you are unable to be helped.

Sometimes your family might not even know that you have an addiction. Depending upon the addict, the addict might be able to hide his/her addiction from their family members. This is dangerous, because not only could you damage family relationships, your family would not be able to help you during a medical emergency. Being together as a family during this time of year is important, and the people who love you want to help you, tell your family about your addiction and ask them to help you get the help you need!

Here are a few tips that you can use to combat your addiction during the holidays, even if you are already sober. First of all, avoid any party where alcohol will be served. Alcohol, regardless of your addiction, is probably something that you should be avoiding. That way you will be much safer and more likely to stay sober. Another great tip to remember whenever you have a craving for your addiction is to give yourself a reward for not giving in. Whether it is a piece of candy, a cup of coffee or something similar, it can really help you out. Stress still does exist during the holidays, however, it is usually not in such large amounts. You can take advantage of some of the extra time during the holidays to sleep. Sleep is your best enemy when it comes to cravings, people trying to get you to restart your addiction and whenever you are under stress. It allows you to deal with your problems and clear your mind!

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