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Top 10 Signs of Drug Addiction
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Top 10 Signs of Drug Addiction

10 drug addiction signs
10 drug addiction signs

If you’ve ever spent any time in or around a drug addiction rehab, you soon learn that there are some common signs that are displayed among those with drug addictions. Probably the biggest and most common is denying they have a drug addiction. They will swear that their drug use is not a problem and that they can stop any time they want to. That sign by far tops the list of what to look for when you suspect someone you care about needs drug rehab.

Mood swings are another of the ten signs of drug addiction. When the addict has had their “fix” of their drug of preference, their moods are usually very good. When they come down from their high or when they need another fix, their moods can turn ugly. Nothing is more important to an addict than getting their next dose of the drug. This may be another indication that they should be in drug addiction rehab.

  • Lying: Drug addicts think they are fooling everyone with their drug abuse and along with it is the lying. They may be lying about where their money is going, or why they lost their job. They get very good at telling lies and they convince themselves that people believe them. When someone is lying to cover up any part of their drug addiction, chances are they need to be in drug addiction rehab.
  • Becoming withdrawn: People with drug addictions begin to exist in their own little world. They stop communicating with loved ones and friends as they used to. They do not participate as much in family or group activities and they spend a lot more time alone. This is another big sign of drug addiction.
  • Personal stash: The more a person becomes addicted to drugs, the more they need to have a steady supply of drugs on hand. They will often have their own personal stash of drugs that they make certain to keep stocked.
  • Missed work or school: Drug addicts will begin to miss more and more of their social and financial obligations. This includes work and/or school. The drug (or alcohol) becomes the most important thing in their lives
  • Needing an increased amount of the drug: When people discuss their drug use in drug addiction rehab; they often mention that they may have started out using a small amount of a drug but over time, they needed more to satisfy their craving. They can and will use every bit of money they have to keep themselves supplied in drugs.
  • Memory blackouts: As the drug addiction becomes more severe, it is common for the addicts to suffer from temporary blackouts. There will be periods of time which they do not remember where they were or what they did.
  • Morning fix: As a drug addiction becomes more pronounced, the addict will come to a point where they cannot start their day without a fix. Many times, they consume their drug of choice before they even get out of bed each day.
  • The need to stop: Contrary to what most people think; most drug addicts consider going to drug addiction rehab and getting help and they may even stop using for a while. After a short time, however, they talk themselves out of getting help and resume their drug use.

As difficult as it is to face the fact that we or someone we love may need drug rehab, it really is the only way to stop the vicious cycle of uncontrolled drug use. Drug addiction rehab offers addicts and their loved ones not only help, but hope. Hope for a brighter future and a happier life.

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