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Alcohol Description

Alcohol Addict

Pushing It to the Limit

I grew up very poor with alcoholic parents and 8 brothers and sisters. There was a lot of abuse. I started drinking when I was 5, and by time I was 8 I was an alcoholic and addict. I smoked pot and took speed and downs every day. Nothing was...

Assorted Alcohol Bottles

Chronic Alcohol Disorders

With long term alcohol abuse people can develop severe forms of chronic alcohol disorders, the most commonly known being Wernicke’s encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s syndrome. Common Type Both are indicative of serious damage to brain...


Understanding The Addiction Pain Syndrome

Pain is the reason many people start using potentially addictive substances. Mary is an example of what can happen when a pain condition is not managed appropriately and treatment depends only on medication. Physical pain symptoms We know that...

Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment Program

What is alcohol? It is a sedative drug.Its pure form is odorless, colorless and not inflammable.It is used in many societies for various purposes.It has no nutrient to nourish the physical body. Though many don’t believe it, alcohol is not only a...