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Self Improvement

The Secret to Successful Self Improvement

From friends and colleagues who want to quit smoking to people I know in drug rehab, one thing has been constant in their quest to achieve their goal, that is their personal commitment. Personal commitment or convincing one’s self that this is what...

Cocaine recovery alone

Attempting Cocaine Recovery Alone

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that can lead to a powerful psychological addiction in users. Using the drug becomes an obsession that is of greater importance than any prior values, and use and addiction can induce behaviors that were uncharacteristic...

Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment Program

What is alcohol? It is a sedative drug.Its pure form is odorless, colorless and not inflammable.It is used in many societies for various purposes.It has no nutrient to nourish the physical body. Though many don’t believe it, alcohol is not only a...