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Heroin syringe

Heroin Starts with a P

As I watched the other girls in the tank that evening, I noticed the scared young girl who had come in a couple of hours earlier. She reminded me of another young girl just a few years earlier who had sat in jail cell much like this one…me. Back...

Alcohol Addict

Pushing It to the Limit

I grew up very poor with alcoholic parents and 8 brothers and sisters. There was a lot of abuse. I started drinking when I was 5, and by time I was 8 I was an alcoholic and addict. I smoked pot and took speed and downs every day. Nothing was...

Share your addiction story

Why Do Some People Like to Read Addiction Stories?

Whether or not people actually use drugs, they are fascinated by them. They are fascinated by what drugs and alcohol can make people do and to what lengths people will go to in order to get the substance they abuse. This is especially true of Heroin...

Addiction true story

Calvin Story – One Day at a Time

I was born on the South Coast of England into a devoutly Catholic working class family; there was a lot of worship and Anger in that house and the surrounding environment. At thirteen I picked up my first drug, but even before that I can see now...

Addiction is real

What have I become?

We’ve just been sitting around in this hotel room smoking incense, snorting Adderall and Ritalin to go to work. Pretty sure my roommate is getting laid behind me. Woo. I’ve been working pretty much every day installing tile into bathrooms at schools...

Drugs slang names and stories

15 Common Drugs, Their Street (slang) Names and Stories

This list is in no particular order.  It is meant to help you understand the language and lingo of the drug world to better enable you to keep tabs on what your children are talking about if they are into drugs. Some of these words, comments...