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Why Do Some People Like to Read Addiction Stories?
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Why Do Some People Like to Read Addiction Stories?

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Whether or not people actually use drugs, they are fascinated by them. They are fascinated by what drugs and alcohol can make people do and to what lengths people will go to in order to get the substance they abuse. This is especially true of Heroin. Heroin has been around for a very long time and most people have heard tales or read articles (not very pleasant ones) about someone who has used heroin. Those who do have actual heroin addiction stories try to get the message out so others don’t fall into the trap, and urge them to seek treatment if they did.

People read heroin addiction stories for many reasons but as long as they learn something from them, they should go on reading them.

Some people just enjoy getting off on other people’s misery. It’s a proven fact. It could be that they have wanted to try heroin and want to read stories of people who actually have or it could be that they just have some sort of fascination with it. Regardless of the reason, heroin addiction stories are always widely read. Maybe it makes people feel superior to know that their lives are so much better. They should not feel so freakin’ secure because a heroin addiction can happen to anyone.

Heroin and other opium related drugs don’t know prejudice or bias. It can hit low income, middle income and even higher income people. Male, female, old, young, black, white, heroin can strike anyone at any time. Heroine doesn’t care who you are as long as you keep using. Heroin addiction stories often end in tragedy. Maybe that’s why people like reading them so much; like a book, they remain enthralled with the story line to find out how it ends. Well, it always ends badly in one way or another unless the addicts go to treatment and recover from their addictions, which is often a story of its own. Even those who get out alive and off of heroin have usually paid a steep price for using. The stories are really tragedies, not unlike novels, which people read to either entertain or educate themselves.

With heroin making a strong comeback, unfortunately the articles and tales are not going to dwindle down. There are people who used heroin in the 80’s who still haven’t told their story. Now some of their children have stories of their own. Heroin addiction stories all have lessons for those who would hear them. These are people who have been to hell and back and want to spare other people the misery.

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